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We are India’s leading digital marketing agency for the igaming industry, steering strategic iGaming digital marketing campaigns. We use innovative and proven internet marketing strategies to help your online gaming business improve its iGaming brand presence, acquire new players, grow first-time deposits, and more


Grow Your iGaming Brand With Our ROI Driven Digital Marketing Services:

  • Delivered Transformational Growth of 235% in Leads to iGaming clients in 2021-22
  • Delivered Transformational Growth of 270% in Traffic to iGaming clients in 2021-22
Folksy – Digital Marketing agency Experts for iGaming Industry

We are India’s leading digital marketing agency – delivering digital excellence and exceptional ROI through tailored and proven digital marketing services. We understand the highly competitive nature of the industry, the complex regulations that surround advertising and promotion, and the difficulty in gaining high-quality players. 

A partner like us,

with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, can help you tap into the unique opportunities this industry offers and gain traction, rapidly! Folksy – Growth-Oriented, ROI Driven Digital Marketing Agency for iGaming MarketAs a partner to some of the biggest online gaming companies in India and across the world – we’ve executed interesting campaigns and delivered exceptional ROI: On average, our SEO & Link Building efforts have resulted in a 260% increase in traffic and 43% in organic player registrations for our online gaming clients. 

Our display advertising campaigns:

We have helped gaming sites quickly increase visibility with gaming audiences across leading publishers. Our affiliate marketing clients saw a massive surge in first time deposits with a high percentage of repeat game play. Preferred Digital Partner for iGaming to Dominate Online Gaming Market in India. While online rummy and online poker have been around for a few years, it was the legalizing of fantasy sports betting in India, a couple of years ago, which gave the gaming industry in India a massive boost. 

Since then industry has grown by leaps and bound. And the recent lockdown due to Covid-19 has added more fuel to the fire. The online gaming and casino industry is an industry poised for massive growth in the upcoming years. Emerging markets and the spread of mobile, as well as high-speed internet, point to a flourishing industry with lots of opportunities and some unique challenges.

 For example, you need an official gaming license from relevant authorities before you can run ads on platforms like Google and Facebook. This complicated marketing landscape means that you need a bespoke digital marketing strategy to gain new users for your gaming platforms. With our expertise and experience, we can help you source quality traffic that delivers high game play ratios.

Why Choose Folksy for iGaming Industry

Having worked with several gaming companies over the years – operators, platforms and affiliates – we now know the most effective digital mediums and platforms which work for this industry. We can help you navigate the complicated marketing landscape and source the most relevant traffic and quality players for your games.

In-Depth Knowledge of Online Gaming Industry:

Deep understanding of digital marketing levers used to improve registration rates, deposit rates and amounts, repeat plays, retention rates etc. which ultimately translate to higher gaming revenues – the ultimate objective for you.

Handled Large Affiliate Marketing Campaigns:

Successfully helped clients put together effective affiliate campaigns to drive thousands of player registrations monthly. In an industry where fraud is rampant, choosing a reliable affiliate partner is key and we have built a strong and reliable network over time.

Online Display Advertising:

We worked with tried and tested publishers who have the relevant display inventory to meet your marketing and branding objectives.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Activities:

Syndicated content on a monthly basis across popular social platforms for the purpose of brand-building. We also work with a number of bloggers and influencers in this industry to increase reach and engagement.

SEO & Premium Link Building:

Ranked some of the top keywords across regions and niches in online gaming including but not limited to fantasy sports, online poker, betting, lottery and much more. We have cultivated partnerships with top gaming blogs and media sites and can get you quality, niche based links at scale.

Leverage Mobile App Marketing:

Leveraged App Store Optimization and app install campaigns to grow active user base for our clients.

Content Writing & Localization Service:

Translate and localize gaming content, creatives etc. before you launch in new geographies.

Competitor Intelligence:

Get a customized competitor and market intelligence report to see if it makes sense for you to enter a new market and what more you need to get ahead.

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With gaming SEO, you can increase your visibility on search engines and thus your brand awareness. Additionally, conducting SEO for your online gaming website brings quality traffic that is way more likely to register, deposit and play compared to all other sources of online traffic.

The complex regulations in the gaming industry also means that popular paid advertising options are not available in many markets. With limited options for promotion, gaming seo becomes extremely important for most sites.

Thorough research and ideation go into creating an SEO keyword strategy. We also use a number of tools to determine the top SEO keywords to be worked on. Some popular keywords include “online gaming”, “online gambling”, “live casino”, “online lottery” etc. However, we recommend working on long-tail keywords first, where you can gain quick wins and acquire traffic with high-intent.

Insurance companies need SEO because 97% of people search for local businesses online. People prefer to do their research online before making investment decisions. SEO brings in more relevant traffic. It is also a relatively quick way to build a brand, establish trust, and start seeing results in terms of conversions.

Digital Marketing can be of many types:

Content marketing for BFSI is extremely important – it helps educate and engage consumers on your offerings. A strategic content marketing plan can help reach millennials and younger demographics and provide you with an organic, non-promotional way to reach audiences. Content marketing helps you establish trust amongst your audience – a key factor for success in BFSI. Finally, content that is targeted and personalized will appeal to the right audience and bring in conversions – such as focusing on tax-saving goals for millennials, investment needs for a 30s-40s demographic, retirement planning for senior citizens and so on.

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