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Be ready for a business boom with more traffic, leads, and sales. And all of this comes at a lower CPA! We will provide a higher Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) than you have ever seen by properly utilizing all Ad channels. All this with more transparency and more love from our Ad account managers!

What Is PPC & Why Is It Important?

PPC is one of the critical channels of digital marketing, through which businesses assess and boost their online traffic, along with conversion rates via Google or other search engines.

Through Pay Per Click (PPC) management, our team of experts help you in boosting organic website traffic, attracting leads and will track and maximise your ROI. We will take this burden off your head, and guide you in hitting your target. Above all, we guarantee you a huge sum of Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) at a lower Cost Per Action (CPA)!

Above all it is affordable to everyone, highly specific, and produces quicker results for you. Let’s look into it much deeper.

Keep track on your results

This is the most demanding task in every campaign. It is almost impossible to distinguish between the plan that driving results and not driving results, without a scuba-diving analysis of your campaign.

It becomes more transparent that which of the plans in your campaign needs altration for better results, when you successfully keep track of the outcomes of your campaign.

Using Google ads is an easier way to trace out the results of your advertisements, as it becomes more obvious with the click and conversion rates. This provides you a clear picture, which ads are getting clicked by your target audience or which word to put in, to make them more clickable.

A/B tests are another essential method, through which you can track how your target audience interacts with your advertisements.This can be done by selecting the factor you want to test and create two similar ads excluding that factor.

Let’s assume for one ad, you use a photo of a camera you’re trying to sell, hanging on a person’s neck and on another ad, you showcase the same camera on display .

You can simply monitor the statistics with A/B testing to determine which ad in either of the above cases works well and with those results, you can polish your ad to make sure it receives more possible clicks.

Makes conversion much easier

PPC serves your product to the potential clients, on a silver platter and sells them. Your target audience tends to click on your ad, which directly leads them to your landing page.Your landing page will be the first place a user goes after clicking on your ad, which is a hassle-free method of conversion.

It is super-specific in targeting audience

PPC is one of the core strategies of digital marketing, in targeting your audience. These includes some techniques like

Remarketing: It is one of the best PPC techniques available because it allows you to effectively display your advertisements to your target audience, who have already clicked on them. Remarketing advertisements play a major role in building your brand among your customers, in particular, those who were almost ready to buy earlier.

Keywords:By including targeted keywords in your ad’s text, you can make your ads show up to your target audience, who use those keywords for searching. The benefit of using keywords for targeting is that you can change and play with them for a unique season of the year, a special occasion, etc. You can choose your desired terms of keywords, which works for a certain season, demographic or purpose of search.

Custom intent:You can select  keywords that have a strong connect with people who are most likely to buy from your website if you fix a custom intent audience in Google Ads. Additionally, you may include URLs of YouTube video , websites or any other content  to further refine your targeting.

Similar audiences:  You can also choose to target audiences who are identical to the ones you target with the campaign of remarketing,  in order to take your PPC campaign to the next level. If, for instance, the majority of your remarketing list consists of men in their 20s with the intention of buying a sports shoe, you can also display this advertisement to other men in this age group, irrespective of whether they have a prior search history of your product. When you target in this way, the advertisement is sparked by their shared interests and demographic.

Generates more revenue   
  • PPC advertisements can maximise your revenue since they drive more qualified traffic to your website. This enables you to quickly notice a significant rise in revenue for your company.
  • PPC advertisements can maximise your revenue since they drive more qualified traffic to your website. This enables you to quickly notice a significant rise in revenue for your company.
  • The advertisements are live, which means that anyone who searches for the term you want to target can see them, when you win a bid for one ad in your area of business.
  • PPC advertisements make sure that you occupy prime space at the top of a results page, which drives in organic traffic to your website.

Our PPC Management Services Provides The Following Benefits!

PPC Ads Management Strategy

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Keyword Recommendations

Our PPC specialists will conduct a thorough keyword research for your company using industry-specific technologies to determine the terms that will generate the most business inquiries.

Bidding Strategy

Our PPC management team will bid only on keywords that are likely to yeild a high ROI. Bids are monitored closely with a focus on keywords that are most targeted but least competitive.

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PPC copywriting

A engaging title and description in a PPC campaign is just as likely to result in clicks as a powerful keyword. Our in-house content writers craft engaging and successful advertising text.

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Performance Reporting

As part of our PPC management, all campaign reports are routinely logged and communicated to clients. ROI is closely tracked, and the campaign is adjusted in accordance with report trends. Clients can access traffic reports, ROI, and performance data for all keywords.

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Local SEO

You could be the biggest shop on Main Street, but if you don’t show up in local searches, you’re missing out on a significant amount of clientele and sales.

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Content Marketing

Consider the impact of a billion users on one platform. One website where people gather, speak, interact, share and connect with each other.

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    Choose the Right PPC Services Company!

    We follow a standardized approach in our PPC Campaign, we work closely with our clients to choose the result-driven keywords and compelling strategies that can help them to boost their PPC account. The most common mistakes advertisers make is that they:

    • Target very general keywords
    • Don’t target the right breadth of keywords
    • Write ad copies that are not in sync with landing pages
    • Bid more than is cost effective and
    • Don’t give adequate attention to the target website.

    Pay Per Click advertising & management is a detailed process which requires a lot of research and analysis. It’s imperative that you choose a PPC Agency that offers professional Pay Per Click advertising and will get you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

    Folksy digital is a leading PPC Management Company in Delhi. Contact us now for a certain boost in business!


    SEO for BFSI is extremely important – it can help you generate more leads and establish trust amongst your audience. Securing a high rank in the SERPs helps you gain more traffic and retain optimal visibility. SEO also creates brand awareness for BFSI.

    SEO is a great tool for bringing in more relevant traffic too, which means improved quality of traffic.

    • Banking websites should focus on SEO because:
      • BFSI companies are competing for newer and younger audiences – digital marketing is the best way to reach them.
      • The industry needs established trust and credibility to be considered by audiences – optimal online presence is a great way to gain that trust.
      • SEO brings in high-quality, relevant traffic.
      • Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective way of marketing.
      • Good SEO can help you win big over your competition.

    Insurance companies need SEO because 97% of people search for local businesses online. People prefer to do their research online before making investment decisions. SEO brings in more relevant traffic. It is also a relatively quick way to build a brand, establish trust, and start seeing results in terms of conversions.

    Digital Marketing can be of many types:

    Content marketing for BFSI is extremely important – it helps educate and engage consumers on your offerings. A strategic content marketing plan can help reach millennials and younger demographics and provide you with an organic, non-promotional way to reach audiences. Content marketing helps you establish trust amongst your audience – a key factor for success in BFSI. Finally, content that is targeted and personalized will appeal to the right audience and bring in conversions – such as focusing on tax-saving goals for millennials, investment needs for a 30s-40s demographic, retirement planning for senior citizens and so on.

    It is estimated that 80% of the internet will be video by 2022! Video marketing has emerged as a medium of choice across industries, and can specifically help complex and traditionally low-touchpoint industries like BFSI. Companies can create high volume, low-cost videos such as FAQ videos, educational videos and longer brand building videos that can significantly boost a firm’s marketing success. Given the fact that online video is effective and searchable, therefore, with the right video content, firms can leverage their marketing analytics to target the right customers with the right video message.

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