What is Quality Assurance Testing


This is an interesting software blog article that takes a peek at how it looks at the human side of testing and learning. It’s a good reminder for those in the QA industry that there should be thought and process that isn’t done by automation. That there is a need for philosophical and analytical skills in QA.

In the past, quality assurance testing has generally been brought into process relatively late in the development cycle. For Example: -In waterfall, the software is produced and passed along the QA team, who offer feedback, then send the software back to development so they can fix the problems.


In an Agile environment, everyone , including Quality Assurance team ,work collaboratively to make improvement on an ongoing basis .yet as developer’s , operator’s and testers embrace a shared responsibility for making sure they deliver a  high quality end productQA often struggle to find it’s place There is another layer of complexity to the mix, which brings up an importantquestion: – What is Quality Assurance (QA) testing and how does it fit into today’s fast -paced development process?
What is quality assurance testing
 It is a quality testing process that ensures that an organization delivers thebest products or services possible.
It aims to deliver consistent results through a set of standardized procedures, which means that organizations also need to make sure that their processes for achieving the desired results hit specific quality benchmarks themselves.
In brief, we might say that QA includes all activities that centre around implementing standards and procedures associated with ensuring that software meets a certain set of requirements before it’s released to the public.
The key thing to keep in mind is that QA doesn’t involve the actual testing of products.Instead, it focuses on the procedures to ensure the outcome.
Role of QA in Software Testing
Most companies aim to deliver the best possible product to the end consumer. However, customer- centricity often gets post outside in an effort to keep place with market demands and ship the latest features as quickly as possible. When software is created, the hope is to have seamless development, design,distribution, and delivery. But as we all know, that rarely happens.
How do Quality Assurance and Software Testing work together?
For any product, several rounds or testing are performed before it can be delivered to market. Products must be tested in different ways, with different scenarios to make sure that the software that end-users receive is a consistent, high quality experience in a range of situations.

While testing and quality are inextricably linked, it’s important to understand that quality assurance testing and software testing aren’t one in the same.
While fixing software defects is essential, it’s important to remember that software and quality assurance testing represent two sides of the same coin. In addition, to managing and eliminating errors, it is vital to determine what ‘quality attributes ‘ should be in place. Because anything that doesn’t meet the needs of the end- user could be assessed a ‘defect’.
Software testing measures predetermined quality attributes based on objective data and feeds that information to QA, which owns the process of implementing changes to the software that lead to the better user outcome
Still, it’s worth noting that QA professionals will need to start developing their skills so that, they can add more value, as more of their daily tasks are being automated. This short article sums up the necessary tools but also highlights the need for people rather than just tools when working in QA.This particular software article addresses the unachievable ideal of zero defects and explains why. We offer a look at real issues and how even if we see zero, we can’t prove zero.A good read for those on a team where the language of zero defects exists but needs to change.This particular one is ideal for looking ahead and knowing what is coming in the next few years when it comes to testing. This easy to read piece gives you the trends you need to know about and how to prepare for changes that are on the way. In last.
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