Digital Marketing Services For Healthcare Industry

With 13+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, folksy digital provides Digital Marketing services for healthcare industry. We leverage proven digital marketing strategies to help your hospital/organization/practice/online pharmacy achieve. Become a credible source online, connect with new patients, and generate potential leads.

Folksy Digital– Healthcare Marketing Experts

Our team of healthcare experts are successful in reaching your potential consumers online. Our experienced team of healthcare marketing experts has been specialising in this sector for 10 + years while maintaining market developments.

We are particularly qualified to assist you in achieving your specific business objectives because of our experience in working with almost all kinds of healthcare enterprises such as pharmaceutical industries, medical solutions, clinics, hospitals, life sciences and many others.

Your clinic, hospital, practice, or healthcare organisation will be exposed to qualified leads who are prepared to make a purchase. Folksy makes it possible for your healthcare marketing company. To maximise your budget, our team of healthcare marketing experts manages your ad campaigns.

Some of the crucial services provided by our marketing experts include:

As a leading healthcare digital marketing company, Folksy digital is familiar with the complexities of the healthcare industry. Due to our extensive understanding, we are able to establish brands, draw in potential leads and ethically persuade patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs)  and other consumers of the medical industry to take action.

Our knowledgeable internal team offers comprehensive healthcare online marketing services that make the most of your strengths across important channels. To assist you in achieving your business objectives, we also incorporate doctor referral development and patient experience.

marketing experts manages your ad campaigns.

Healthcare SEO

Our team do make use of specialised SEO techniques which suit your healthcare sector and it helps to drive in more patients to your official website or search engine profile, as Folksy always researches and keeps track of your patient’s need-specific search results.


Build an interesting mobile-friendly landing page or website that is focused on increasing conversions to draw in more of your targeted patients.

Content marketing for the healthcare sector

Engage your targeted patients with comprehensive, appropriate, interesting and educative medical tips and pieces of information.

Online reputation management

Our team of reputation management experts, makes you stand out from the crowd of hospitals, clinics and other pharmaceutical industries by taking control of several online platforms to create sophisticated feedback management strategies which make use of your most positive reviews from your patients, enhancing and safeguarding your online reputation.

Monitoring your performance and tracking calls

Folksy allows you to hear all the complaints on HIPAA call records so that you can take immediate action and experience the real-time benefits of digital marketing. Our team’s ROI-specific reporting system is accessible round-the-clock.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Businesses Include:

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How Folksy earns you a remarkable ROI, using its healthcare Digital Marketing Campaigns?

  1. Being a collaborator with some of the biggest and most renowned healthcare organisations across the world, we have carried out effective campaigns that have produced extraordinary returns on investment. Here seem to be a few illustrations:
  2. We increased the number of scheduled doctor visits by twice via organic sessions for India’s second-largest hospital network.
  3. We assisted India’s top online pharmacy with its Google Penalty recovery and restoration of organic traffic.
  4. We helped Fortis Healthworld (Fortis Pharmacy) to earn revenue for their e-commerce businesses by reducing the ratio of the PPC spends-to-sales up to 72%.
  5. We assisted a renowned cancer research Centre by employing some of the crucial techniques in digital marketing to increase the number of new patient registrations.

Stop Letting Your Customers Find Your Competitors!


Healthcare digital marketing refers to strategies and campaigns that hospitals, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, or individual medical practitioners focus on to achieve critical objectives.

The goal is to establish a strong online presence, gain credibility, target and convert potential patients, and build brand awareness.

  • Banking websites should focus on SEO because:
    • BFSI companies are competing for newer and younger audiences – digital marketing is the best way to reach them.
    • The industry needs established trust and credibility to be considered by audiences – optimal online presence is a great way to gain that trust.
    • SEO brings in high-quality, relevant traffic.
    • Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective way of marketing.
    • Good SEO can help you win big over your competition.

Insurance companies need SEO because 97% of people search for local businesses online. People prefer to do their research online before making investment decisions. SEO brings in more relevant traffic. It is also a relatively quick way to build a brand, establish trust, and start seeing results in terms of conversions.

Digital Marketing can be of many types:

Content marketing for BFSI is extremely important – it helps educate and engage consumers on your offerings. A strategic content marketing plan can help reach millennials and younger demographics and provide you with an organic, non-promotional way to reach audiences. Content marketing helps you establish trust amongst your audience – a key factor for success in BFSI. Finally, content that is targeted and personalized will appeal to the right audience and bring in conversions – such as focusing on tax-saving goals for millennials, investment needs for a 30s-40s demographic, retirement planning for senior citizens and so on.

It is estimated that 80% of the internet will be video by 2022! Video marketing has emerged as a medium of choice across industries, and can specifically help complex and traditionally low-touchpoint industries like BFSI. Companies can create high volume, low-cost videos such as FAQ videos, educational videos and longer brand building videos that can significantly boost a firm’s marketing success. Given the fact that online video is effective and searchable, therefore, with the right video content, firms can leverage their marketing analytics to target the right customers with the right video message.

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