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Changing the World in 140 Characters

We only have 140 characters to get your message across but our team knows how to do it with panache. We build relationships with your audience using Twitter Marketing services, using your twitter handle for maximum impact. Whether it is trivia, contests or compelling messages we effectively engage your customers.

Your Voice, Across the Globe with Twitter Marketing Services

You can boost your brand’s exposure, generate leads, boost social conversions, and establish connections with influencers with the support of Twitter Marketing Services. Thus, Folksy takes satisfaction in providing the services of Twitter marketing, at its best.

How Folksy helps you to succeed on Twitter Marketing Services?

Our team of social media marketing experts do provide some of the essential LinkedIn marketing services such as:

Create a well-optimised profile.

If your audience needs to identify your company and its business, you will be first starting a Twitter profile. You should also know that Twitter accounts are included in Google’s search results, we provide a well-optimised profile as one of the top Twitter marketing businesses to increase your account’s accessibility and attract fresh followers.  

Creates strategy for posting content

The primary component of this social media network is content, or Tweets, making it essential to promote pertinent and interesting content. Our social media marketing specialists stay on trend when it comes to market developments. To encourage your followers and viewers to click more, we identify important hashtags and trendy subjects for content based on the sector.

Boosting up your follower rate

Building your brand image becomes easy with the help of a strong follower base on Twitter. Our team of social media marketing experts work around clock to research and create content with the objective of raising the count of followers. We discuss all obstacles, interests, and targets in order to stay relevant with your followers. Before compiling the content based on the preferences of your targeted followers and approaching them, we first work on constructing strong buyer personas.

Customised Twitter cards

We provide you with innovative Twitter cards for your business website to take your Twitter account to a more larger arena of search engines. Doing this maximizes your following rate and brings in organic website traffic.

Any links to your content that are posted on Twitter using these cards are transformed into engaging, quality experiences on social media which draw followers in. 

Twitter advertising

Our team uses hand-picked keywords and content, as our Twitter advertising programme aims to target your possible followers in and around. Our Twitter advertising specialists produce ads that are optimised for your services and goods. This can turn the visitors to your website into leads and clients. Also, we enhance your  ads which are in decline, unnoticed state and promote the best-performing ads.

We have in-house Social Media marketers who begin with a thorough understanding of your organization and goals. We help you optimize your content, keep you visible and engage your audience in conversations.

Our Twitter Marketing Services Include:

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    Other Services


    SEO for BFSI is extremely important – it can help you generate more leads and establish trust amongst your audience. Securing a high rank in the SERPs helps you gain more traffic and retain optimal visibility. SEO also creates brand awareness for BFSI.

    SEO is a great tool for bringing in more relevant traffic too, which means improved quality of traffic.

    • Banking websites should focus on SEO because:
      • BFSI companies are competing for newer and younger audiences – digital marketing is the best way to reach them.
      • The industry needs established trust and credibility to be considered by audiences – optimal online presence is a great way to gain that trust.
      • SEO brings in high-quality, relevant traffic.
      • Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective way of marketing.
      • Good SEO can help you win big over your competition.

    Insurance companies need SEO because 97% of people search for local businesses online. People prefer to do their research online before making investment decisions. SEO brings in more relevant traffic. It is also a relatively quick way to build a brand, establish trust, and start seeing results in terms of conversions.

    Digital Marketing can be of many types:

    Content marketing for BFSI is extremely important – it helps educate and engage consumers on your offerings. A strategic content marketing plan can help reach millennials and younger demographics and provide you with an organic, non-promotional way to reach audiences. Content marketing helps you establish trust amongst your audience – a key factor for success in BFSI. Finally, content that is targeted and personalized will appeal to the right audience and bring in conversions – such as focusing on tax-saving goals for millennials, investment needs for a 30s-40s demographic, retirement planning for senior citizens and so on.

    It is estimated that 80% of the internet will be video by 2022! Video marketing has emerged as a medium of choice across industries, and can specifically help complex and traditionally low-touchpoint industries like BFSI. Companies can create high volume, low-cost videos such as FAQ videos, educational videos and longer brand building videos that can significantly boost a firm’s marketing success. Given the fact that online video is effective and searchable, therefore, with the right video content, firms can leverage their marketing analytics to target the right customers with the right video message.


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