YouTube Video Marketing Services in India

300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Creating good content is not enough in this crowded field! You need a digital media partner who can help you stand out by ranking your videos on top of YouTube search results.

Build Your YouTube Viewership with Video SEO

Want to reach more viewers on youtube? But struggling  with doing so? Folksy provides you with a trouble-free video marketing solution. 

Build a strong identity for your brand or company, on Youtube. Recent research says that there are 467 million people watching Youtube in India!! 

Our team of Youtube marketing experts will guide you in creating video content, promoting them via critical and innovative ad campaigns, generating leads through them and ta-da! Everything will get converted into your Return Of Investment(ROI).

Why Folksy is leading in the arena of Youtube marketing?

Here are some vital reasons for the success of our video marketing team.   

In-depth understanding of Youtube: 

The trends on youtube are unpredictable. But, our team will research these trends around the clock and produces relevant content that hooks your audience and will help you in promoting those video content to your target audience. Our video marketing experts tailor innovative and suitable video ads for your business. 

Usage of metrics:

We use some of the effective metrics which help to assess your youtube marketing campaign. Our metrics involve:

View rate: 

This is the percentage calculated by the total number of views divided by the number of engagements by the audience. The larger the view rate, the more people like your content.

Earned actions:

These are actions which are earned by video content such as subscriptions, likes and views. These actions are directly proportional to the success of your business. With the help of this metric, we can measure the engagement rate of your business.

Views of video: 

This is the count of the total number of times, your video is being watched by the audience. 


This is the total number of times that the audience views your advertisements, irrespective of the runtime of your ad. As you all know google possesses youtube, we take ultimate control over Google Analytics for assessing your ad campaigns. 

 Get reports around the clock:

Folksy hates to keep you on wait, by not updating you on the current performance of your ad campaigns going on. Our team of video marketing experts, never fail to report to you about the nook and corner of the results generated by your ad campaign. Folksy love transparency!

Trendy video content:

Youtube is unpredictable and often changes its path when it comes to trends. Our team will direct you to the right path by diving deep into the market research of youtube and optimizing your video content for current as well as future trends. This will eventually produce your ‘most wanted’ results. Folksy is always trendy!

Top Benefits of Video Marketing in India

Implementing best strategy in video creation and video SEO will result in increased subscriber, likes, views, shares, popularity and engagement.

Our Approach towards Youtube Video SEO

Atleast 2 billion individuals use YouTube month to month. We guarantee that these clients can find your video content, find your image, and engage in with your sales channel.

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    Video Channel Analysis check-mark
    Existing Videos Analysis
    Keyword Research & Analysis
    Baseline Ranking

    Video Title Optimization
    Video Description Optimization check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
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    Suggestions for Video Cards and Other Enhancements check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
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    Article Writing and Submission
    Blog Post Writing and Updation check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Embedding Videos in Articles/Blogs check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Social Sharing or Videos and Blog Posts/Articles check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    QnAs and Forums check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Embedding/Sharing Videos on QnA and Forums check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Micro Blogging check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Guest Post Writing and Updating check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Embedding/Sharing Videos in Guest Posts check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Social Bookmarking check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Video Submissions check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark

    Videos Performance Report (Views and Rank)
    Channel Views/Subscribers Report
    Monthly Activity Report



    VIDEO EDITING, PRODUCTION ETC. Extra Extra Extra Extra


    Video marketing is utilizing video to showcase your product or services, increment engagement, and reach audience more amiable to video than to message.

    Videos are a Great strategy to Explain Your Product or service. It is estimated that 90% of the internet will be video by 2024. Video is short and engaging – customers love it. Marketers should engage in video promotion because it tells a story, has good ROI, increases brand awareness, and helps you stay ahead of your true competitors.

    A video marketing company impliments SEO for video. It assist distribute and promote video content the right way, gaining views, clicks, subscribers and video engagement.

    It depends. For example, the following inquiries will influence the general expense of video creation inside your budget:

    • Who is making the video? Will it be an in house team or Moved to a video creation agency?
    • What kind of video design would you say you are making?
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